Central Group builds “Central Group for Our Community Products” brand, generating 200 million baht.

20 Jul 2015,   in CORPORATE NEWS
Central Group builds “Central Group for Our Community Products” brand, generating 200 million baht

Central Group builds “Central Group for Our Community Products” brand, generating 200 million baht, inviting Thais to shop at Community Products Fair Jul 21-24 at CentralWorld

Bangkok, July 13, 2015: Over the past four years, Central Group has supported locally produced products by Thai communities under the brand “Central Group for Our Community Products”, offering 690 items from 72 communities in 31 provinces nationwide, sold at Central Food Hall, Tops, HomeWork, Thai Watsadu, and Baan and Beyond. The project has generated over 200 million baht for the communities, giving the people a steady source of income and retail knowledge that can be shared with their community. Central Group will partner with the Ministry of Commerce, investing 6 million baht to organize Community Products Fair, presenting over 100 highlight items. The event, which runs from July 21 – 24 at Eden Zone, CentralWorld, is expected to draw some 10,000 visitors a day, generating about 500,000 baht daily.


Busaba Chirathivat, Executive Vice President, Corporate Communication of Central Group, said that Central Group has created the brand “Central Group for Our Community Products” four years ago, focusing on creating jobs and sources of income for communities in Thailand through the experience and knowledge in retail of the group garnered over the past 68 years. The communities will be educated and strengthened, which will allow them to create high quality products for the modern market. Central Group has offered assistance in many areas, namely:

1.Human: The Group sends its buying team with experience in product selection to educate the people about what products are in demand, and how to develop products that meet the market’s need. They are also taught about accounting based on retail standard.

2. Product: The Group helps the communities with their production such as supporting them with technology and tools, and teaching them about package design.

3.Community: When the community’s products are sold through Central Group’s outlets, the community gets a steady source of income. They can also pass on the knowledge to neighboring communities and improve the quality of life for everyone in the community.


Currently, the number of products under the “Central Group for Our Community Products” brand is increasing constantly. In 2014, there were 51 participating communities. Today, there are 72. The number of products increased from 472 to 690, including processed food, organic fruits and vegetables, health and beauty products, and home decorative items and accessories. The project helps the communities make money from local wisdom, and their income increases by 50%. This is because their products are sold at Central Group’s outlets. This reflects the success of “Central Group for Our Community Products”, in which knowledge and expertise is exchanged between communities and modern retailer. The communities can rely on themselves and spread the success to surrounding communities by generating more job opportunities and better quality of life.

Central Group also aims to elevate communities to become SMEs in the future, which will help drive the economy and responds to the government’s policy to support local wisdom and make local products internationally recognized. “Central Group for Our Community Products” brand helps strengthen the image of the products and increase their advantages in the international market, especially when AEC comes into effect in 2016.

The fair, now in its third edition, is collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce. Fine products have been selected for the general public to enjoy and buy. It is expected that 40,000 visitors will come to the fair, generating 2-3 million baht for the participating communities, or about 40-50% increase from the previous year, since Thais and foreigners are now more interested in locally produced products.

Support Thai communities at Community Products Fair on July 21-24 at 10am-9pm at Eden Zone, 1st floor, Central World. The products are also available at Central Food Hall, Tops, HomeWork, Thai Watsadu, and Baan and Beyond nationwide.