Big Congrats!!! OPEN HOUSE has won “the Most Beautiful Bookstore for 2017” from Asian Bookstore Forum 2018 in Chengdu

29 Aug 2018, Posted by cgadmin Arin in CORPORATE NEWS
OPEN HOUSE at Central Embassy- Bangkok’ retail beacon- has won “the Most Beautiful Bookstore for 2017” from the Asian Bookstore Forum 2018 in Chengdu, China.

Barom Bhicharnchitr, Managing Director of Central Embassy said “I am truly honoured to receive this award as our objective to OPEN HOUSE is to create a village of spaces with a familiar human scale – restaurants, lounges, bars, galleries, stores, pop ups, libraries, work spaces that all seamlessly work together.  A space that anyone could feel comfortable in, feel at home in, spend all day in, relax in and be inspired in. A place to hang out, a place to play, a place to study and a place to eat.” Shane Suvikapakornkul, Managing Director of Open House Bookstore by Hardcover, gave a keynote speech at the event that “OPEN HOUSE is designed based on the concept of ‘symbiosis’ that is for everyone.”

Under the collaboration with the Klein Dytham Architecture (KDA)- World–class interior design company, OPEN HOUSE has a great sense of openness, a vast floor plate, tall ceilings, and gorgeous surrounding views on the city and beyond. Set 50 metres above Bangkok, the concept is a community of spaces with a familiar human scale, a place in which anyone can feel relax and at home, spending all day here if they wish. Within this vast 7,000 sqm. of Open House, the space is divided into eight zones, with eating areas, a bookshop and reading area, a thinking space, art gallery, design shop, playground and cinema.

OPEN HOUSE, total bookstore area is 880 sqm., collects a comprehensive of art books in the bookstore, and the bookshelf design is very large, so that these books can be placed. Our books include art books, architecture books, photography books, geographical indications, documentary books, novels, cookbooks, children’s books, rare and out-of-print books, academic books and most importantly limited edition books that you can rarely find in many different countries.

“Now it’s very difficult to manage a bookshop and difficult to make a profit, so we have a very close relationship with property developers. A lot of people are now go shopping online, so we do a lot of marketing with Central Embassy to help build our community, and we also do a lot of workshops. Besides, we have websites, but the best books are in the bookstore, which becomes another unique selling point of the bookstore” Shane Suvikapakornkul said.

Previously, OPEN HOUSE was awarded the prestigious Design For Asia GRAND AWARD by Hong Kong design center in 2017.