Central Group’s Management

Central Group’s Management



Mission & Vision


Central Group will lead the retail and service business of Thailand onto the world stage, while bringing development to localities and provinces in the countries expanded to, while driving the Thai economy forward together.


Principles: Honesty, diligence, and commitment to customers


My grandfather and father grew our business with two simple ideas in mind: deal honestly with people; and work hard to provide customers with exceptional products and services.

These ideas remain at the heart of our success today, even as we have grown larger and more successful over the years.

We are extremely proud to have been part of Thailand’s economic and social development over the 67 years of our history, and as the Number 1 retail and service business in Thailand, Central Group now employs well over 70,000 staff and professionals. Additionally, the year 2014 is set to be a significant milestone for the company as it heralds the start of what will be the next chapter of Central Group’s history.

Therefore, in order to drive Central Group to accomplish the goal of becoming a leading retail and service company at an international level as envisioned, we have set a clear strategy and direction for the business as follows:

Branding – Extending on past successes, and being committed to building the brands to be the number one in customers’ perception in every segment, by creating “quality” brand experiences in terms of goods and services.

People – Teamwork is the key to a successful business. Therefore, we will continue to develop a human resources system which will build and support a dedicated management team that can drive the company’s policies into competent business practices. When a company wins the hearts, and earns the dedication, of its employees, it can be truly successful.

Synergy – Business units under Central Group will have synergies and connections which can mutually enhance the potential of one another. From now on, the functioning of the Group will be more harmonized in order to exploit these synergies, and to develop a robust and unified corporate system which together can cope with future business expansion.

One Group – Promote the importance of collaborating with one another, and of sharing knowledge and expertise (best practices, lessons learned etc.), to all the organizations within Central Group in order to develop the potential of every business unit for sustainable growth.

The long term goal of Central Group is to develop business in parallel with the development of the country by being a pioneer in creating prosperity in all the localities and provinces that our business expands to; thus helping to drive the Thai economy forward.

We look forward to serving you.

Tos Chirathivat
Executive Chairman and CEO
Central Group

Executive Commitee

  • Tos ChirathivatExecutive Chairman &
    Group CEO

  • Dr. Suthiphand ChirathivatExecutive Director

  • Suthilaksh ChirathivatExecutive Director

  • Prin ChirathivatExecutive Director & Deputy Group CEO

  • Pichai ChirathivatExecutive Director

  • Narongrit ChirathivatExecutive Director

  • Thiradej ChirathivatExecutive Chairman

Management Team

  • Pichai ChirathivatExecutive Director
    Corporate Marketing & Communication & EBMO

    • Corporate Communications
    • Corporate Relations
    • Corporate Marketing & Business Alliance
    • Sustainable Development
  • Tos ChirathivatExecutive Chairman &
    Group CEO

    • Human Resources
    • Corporate Strategy
    • Business Development
    • Chief of Staff
  • Prin ChirathivatExecutive Director &
    Deputy Group CEO

    • CEO-Retail & International
    • CFO-Transaction & Non Retail
    • Private Investment
    • Corporate Development
    • Loss & Prevention

  • Retail

  • Retail

  • CPN

  • Hotel

  • Europe

  • Vietnam

  • CFO
    Retail & International

  • CFO
    Non Retail & Transaction

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    Central Home Group

    Central Online Group

    Central Marketing Group

    Omni Channel

    Central Technology Organization

  • Central Restaurant Group

    Central Food Retail

    JD Central

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  • Central Pattana Group

  • Centara Hotels & Resorts

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