About Us

One Family’s Vision

With our eyes cast firmly to the future, the Central Group continues along the path of our founder’s dream.

The group’s early history can be traced back to Tiang Chirathivat, a determined and persevering entrepreneur who was committed to building a strong foundation for his family’s future.


Mr. Chirathivat first opened a small family-run shop in the city of Bangkok during the early 1950s. Then in 1956 his son, Samrit Chirathivat, expanded his father’s general merchandise business with the establishment of the first Central Department Store in Bangkok’s Wangburapha district. Both father and son, the group’s founders, were fully engaged in running the business, and were also helped by other members of the family.


The era was one of bustling trade and growth, and the young entrepreneurs quickly established businesses that were characterized by many “firsts” in Thailand: the first to import international cosmetic brands; the first to focus on impeccable customer services; and the first to implement innovative marketing communications.


Samrit Chirathivat believed that success would come from honesty and hard work, as well as from the provision of the best possible services and products for Central’s customers.

Central Group still remains 100% committed to our founder’s vision.

“Our success grew out of our determination to bring Thailand into the modern world. We are committed to contributing to its prosperity and enhancing the quality of life of its people.”


Samrit Chirathivat, Founder of Central Group


Central Group


The Central Family – the Central brand of retail, services and products has become synonymous with trusted quality and excellence in Thailand, and continues to remain at the top of the marketplace.


Central Group consists of a variety of diverse investments in various corporations, each of which has become the leader in the retail, property development, brand management, hospitality, and food and beverage in-dustries. These complementary businesses continue to strengthen our position in the marketplace, both domestically and internationally.


Business Performance


  • In 2009 Central Group had a total sales turnover of 110,700 million Baht, which was 9% higher than the previous year though 1.6 percent lower than the target set at 112,500 mill Baht due to the global economic crisis and domestic political state of affairs.
  • In 2010 Central Group had achieved outstanding performance with total sales turnover over 119,000 million Baht, which is 8% growth from 2009 despite being affected by the global economic crisis and domestic political situation that culminated in the closure of CentralWorld Plaza for over 9 months as well as closing down of ZEN for reconstruction.
  • In 2011 Central Group had achieved total sales turnover of 139,600 million Baht, which is 17% growth from 2010 despite the continued global economic crisis and the great flood of Thailand forcing the temporary closure of many shopping plazas during the last quarter of the year.


Brand Building


It is important to focus on core businesses and core brands by extending on past successes, and by being committed to the building of our brands to be number one in the perception of consumers and customers in each segment, creating differentiation in brand experience through “quality” that is excellent in every aspect in both the goods and the services of Central Group, and by focusing on stable growth through world class quality.

People and Employees


Central Group’s people offer an ideal combination of Asian experience and international expertise. What was originally a small family-run company has evolved into a group of highly-experienced professionals, with senior managers regularly receiving training aboard in modern merchandising, marketing and operational techniques.


However, being a family-run business also has many pluses, and our many employees are treated not just as employees but as family members. Indeed, it is apparent that many of our employees have had life long careers with the company.




Modern information technology systems help Central Group to deliver superior value to our customers. For example, our advanced customer relationship management system provides specific offers to each individual customer, and enhances customer shopping and membership experiences.


Our modern distribution centers are integrated into an overall state of the art supply chain management system. In 2013 Central Group was the first in Thailand’s retail industry in using voice picking devices in our Distribution Center to increase efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, we are continuously enhancing our information technology systems to support our customers.


Central Group Operational Highlights

Store Network

More than 4,996 locations/branches


Net saleable area

Approximately 4,924,315 sq.m.


Over 94,150 employees


Loyalty Programs

The 1 Card, with over 13.5 million members