“Central THAM” booth at “Thailand Social Expo 2018”

03 Aug 2018,   in CENTRAL THAM NEWS

Let’s meet our “Central THAM” booth at “Thailand Social Expo 2018” which has launched first time in Thailand. The event holds from 2-5 August 2018 at Impact, Muang Thong Thani.

The Social Expo is owned by the government, offering social innovation and technology for modern society in order to develop quality of life for community, particularly, children, women, family, elder, people with disability and underprivileged. Also help gain their stabilities in life, value and dignity of human-being.

At the booth of “Central THAM”, we represent 4 main activities for society which consist of;

  1. People: improvement of education and well-being
  2. Community: community product’s development
  3. Environment: preservation of quality of environment
  4. Peace & Cultures: Peace, conservation of art and culture.

Our concept focuses on the word “THAM” which its meaning in Thai is to signify our commitment to create all activities in Central THAM Project to help develop sustainability and to increase value for our community.