“OfficeMate” reaffirms its position as the leader in office supplies business

15 Mar 2016,   in CORPORATE NEWS
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OfficeMate revealed that its 2015 performance was on target, and it is confident that the growth will continue steadily this year. Revenue growth is expected at 7.5 billion baht, and more than 3,500 new items will be introduced. Additionally, it will add new branches in Thailand and internationally to welcome AEC. It is certain that it will become the top brand and reach 10 billion baht revenue within five years.

Worawut Unjai, CEO of COL Group Public Company Limited, talked about the overview of the group in the previous year. “In 2015, we grew from the previous year, and generated 10,827 million baht or a 9.2% growth. Our net profit was 397 million baht, thanks to our adjusted strategies and management policy for better efficiency. We increased the number of products and services to address our customers’ needs and cater to various businesses. The goal is for us to be the leader of excellence in retailing and online retailing in Asean. OfficeMate is the first company in our group to expand to AEC countries. We will expand to Vietnam in 2016. This year, our group is expected to grow by 10% or 11,900 million baht.”

Wilawan Rerkriengkrai, Managing Director of OfficeMate, said, “In 2016, OfficeMate will continue to be number one in office supplies in Thailand. We have seen steady growth in every distribution channel, whether throughout stores, our Call Centre, or online through our website and mobile application, which was launched last year. OfficeMate has new and diverse products for all business types and sizes, so we have better opportunities. The price of our products is clearly displayed, while our storage and logistics management teams work effectively to ensure speedy delivery, which is important for corporate clients. This year, we predict that our sales will grow by 15% or 7,500 million baht. Of that number, 49% will come from sales at the stores, 36% through Call Center, and 15% through e-commerce. We have prepared 350 million baht to support our activities this year – 150 million baht for marketing activities, 100 million baht for building new branches and renovating existing ones, and 100 million baht on improving our storage, logistics and Call Centre systems.”

“In 2015, our e-commerce revenue increased by 5%, and the growth is expected at 55% this year, or a billion baht. “This year, its e-commerce revenue is expected to increase by 55% or one billion baht (54% from, 40% from e-Procurement and 6% from mobile application). This is in line  with the e-commerce trend today which is growing constantly. We are certain that our domestic revenue will reach 10 billion baht within 2020. Later this year, OfficeMate will launch a viral campaign to reaffirm our status as the Best Choice for Business Solution.

“Last year, our products in every category were well-received by our customers, and grew by 10%, especially home office furniture products such as Furradec, and executive and office chairs from Lazboy, NiceDay, and Serta. For marketing, this year, in addition to promoting our e-commerce, OfficeMate will also add more than 3,500 new products under our house brand, including more than 1,000 stationery and office supplies items under a new brand called “ONE”. The brand is a great value deal for all business types. We will also add 2,500 items in office furniture and other office supplies categories. This is to highlight our status as the number one brand for corporate clients and SMEs nationwide. We have more than 15,000 items that address every need.

“We will continue to expand to welcome AEC. We are adding branches in Vietnam, which will officially open in this year. In Thailand, as of the end of 2015, we have 60 branches (with the total of 8 branches – 6 in Bangkok and perimeter, 1 in South and 1 in the East). This year, we will open eight more, six in Bangkok and perimeter, one in South and 1 in the North,  which will increasing the total number to 68 branches nationwide by the end of 2016. Our new branches will be located at business areas and major cities for enhanced business opportunities. We will also revamp our look and display our products systematically for convenience. In February, we opened three branches at Tesco Lotus Khok Chang in Phitsanulok, Central Festival EastVille, and Big C Hua Mak (Town Center). We have received great feedback, which affirms OfficeMate’s success”.

“Our distribution channels and our Call Centre are very important for our business. OfficeMate never stops improving quality in our automated answering system and our staff. In February, OfficeMate opened a new Call Centre head office at Hua Mak Town Centre, Ramkhamhaeng 27, to facilitate our expansion and increase efficiency. The Call Centre is systematically managed, and we welcome other businesses who want to come and learn about our management system. This year, we are vying for The Best Thailand Contact Center Awards.

“OfficeMate has an online ordering system for corporate clients called e-Procurement Smart Purchase Solution, which reduces the steps, documents, and cost. More importantly, its transparency means everything can be verified, facilitating auditors of the organization.

“OfficeMate also has Customized Service Specialists at our stores such as Pack Post Express Service, Printing Solution, Premium Corner for premium gifts, and nationwide delivery with a minimum purchase of 499 baht. Products are delivered within one day in city areas.

“For storage and logistics, OfficeMate’s Intelligence Warehouse Management can store more than 80,000 items, and can deliver them within a day. These factors allow OfficeMate to increase its sale revenue,” said Wilawan.

Choose and order products at OfficeMate stores nationwide, online at, through   Call Center at 02-739-5555 with more than 500 operators at your service Monday-Friday during 8 a.m – 6 p.m and through OfficeMate mobile application, a new experience in office supplies shopping, with special privileges. The application works on both iOS and Android. Contact OfficeMate through social media and get OfficeMate Catalog 2016 for free via every distribution channel.